Christine Kirchner Hall

Co-Founder and President.

Dr. Charles Dana Hall

Co-Founder and Chief Academic Officer.



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        Making a difference

For more than 10 years, Sterling Literacy Consulting has provided expert support to educational institutions of all types toward the shared goal of accelerating student achievement.

Helping students, teachers, schools and districts succeed!


SLC offers customized consulting services based on the needs of your district, school and students. SLC excels in identifying and responding to specific needs, and working collaboratively to create a comprehensive strategy designed to facilitate buy-in at all levels.  SLC strives to make a lasting impact by helping clients create 'homegrown' professional development modules that include scientifically based reading research (SBRR) best practices, lessons and videos.

SLC is now offering Literacy Camps this summer at William (Bill) Roberts E-8 School.

Sterling Literacy Consulting, LLC