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Sterling Literacy Consulting, LLC

SLC facilitators work side-by-side school based coaches and teachers to implement new learning. Coaches may be modeling a lesson, co-teaching a lesson, or observing classroom instruction to the teacher. SLC also offers a distance coaching option. 

Job-Embedded Shorter Sessions. ​We provide regular job-embedded PD, including presenting during their weekly school-wide PD time. During these 60 - 90 minute presentations, we have covered topics including, but not limited to, SBRR and the 5 components of reading, Response to Intervention and literacy instruction, whole and small group instruction, assessment usage including screening, interim and diagnostic and explicit and systematic instruction. 

Teacher and Administrator Learning Sessions

Job-Embedded Coaching

An SLC facilitator can also work with grade level teams to dive into topics such as whole and small-group instruction, effective Tier 2 and Tier 3 instruction, and strategies for teaching struggling and advanced readers. These meetings might also include data conversations.​ 

Early Literacy 

Building Internal Capacity

Sterling Literacy Consulting will complete an evaluation of the current literacy practices in your school or district. Literacy evaluations typically include the following: 1) A survey of the faculty’s instructional practice; 2) Observations of classroom instruction; 3) Review of lesson plans, instructional materials and artifacts; 4) Interviews conducted with school leadership and literacy leaders regarding current instructional practices. A summary report of our findings highlighting the strengths and challenges for each school is provided along with a set of detailed recommendations.  We can also help you develop comprehensive literacy plans and assist with school-based Unified Improvement Plans (UIPs)

The following Professional Development structures build upon the whole group professional development sessions. 

Teacher PLC or Grade-Level Team Meetings

We believe in the importance of developing internal capacity for schools and districts so that learning achievement for students and learning for teachers can continue beyond SLC's tenure with the learning organization. We work closely to guide school and district coaches to continue to provide the necessary support and training for teachers. In addition we complete regular walkthoughs and meetings with administrators train them 

Literacy Audit

Full Day Sessions and Kickoffs.SLC provides professional development (PD) for elementary and PK-8 school Kickoffs. These 8-hour PD days covered numerous topics including SBRR, the 5 components of reading (phonemic awareness, phonics, vocabulary, fluency, and comprehension), research on how to teach reading, SBRR strategies for teaching at-risk and EL students, classroom management techniques, and phonological and phonemic awareness, among others; to a school-wide audience. Other topics focus on effective assessment practices: 1) administering assessments and gathering data, 2) analyzing data, and 3) using data to inform instruction.