The key to all learning.

Sterling literacy consulting works to provide . . .

  • all students with equitable learning experiences and access to rigorous instruction that develops foundational and life-long literacy skills so they can be successful in their education, life, and career experiences.

  • educators with professional learning experiences that are accessible, valuable, and immediately applicable to their instructional repertoire.


Sterling Literacy Consulting (SLC)…

  • Provides professional consulting services to support research-based literacy instruction.

  • Engages teachers and administrators in learning experiences to build their knowledge base.

  • Supports implementation of new instructional practices through job-embedded professional learning experiences that increase student learning.

  • Helps educators maximize assessment mandates, and use data to inform instruction.

The Way We Work. SLC…

  • Customizes our work to the needs of our partners.

  • Specializes in providing research-based professional learning that engages teachers as learners about effective pedagogy and curriculum.

  • Collaborates with our partners to create safe environments and effective process for powerful change.

  • Ensures that all stakeholders develop a consistent and coherent vision of the work, including indicators of success.

  • Works side-by-side instructional leaders to develop implementation benchmarks and tools for monitoring them.

  • Specializes in providing regular, job-embedded professional development.

  • Collaborates with school/district leaders to plan for and develop parent and community communication collateral.