"Bridging the Gap Between Science and Poor Reading in America" by J. Richard Gentry (2018)

Sterling Literacy Consulting grounds all of our professional development and instructional tools in scientific reading research. We want to share this science with educators. To help educate administrators and teachers on the science of reading, we want to share an excellent article by J. Richard Gentry Ph.D. from Psychology today (2018), titled “Bridging the Gap Between Science and Poor Reading in America.”  Gentry defines how educators can develop readers by using the science of reading. Learning to read requires quality and scientifically-based instruction.

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Krista Morrison
Crafting a Learning Culture: Literacy Leadership

The International Literacy Association (ILA) just released a Literacy Leadership Brief titled, Principals as Literacy Leaders (2019). Sterling Literacy wants to share this resource with all principals to help stimulate conversations and actions that help create equitable instructional environments for students—environments that develop students’ literacy skills, which in turn grows students’ content knowledge and skills. ILA explains that…

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