Scientifically-Based Reading Research

Scientifically-based Reading Research (SBRR) forms the foundation of Sterling Literacy Consulting’s beliefs and instructional practices. We provide an in-depth presentation that unpacks the five components of reading, which are used to systematically guide our discussions of data analysis, as well as whole and small group instructional recommendations. In addition to SBRR, we routinely use Dehaene’s (2009) Reading in the Brain as a touchstone throughout professional development partnerships. Doing so helps clients understand the necessity of explicitly and directly teaching phonics rather than relying on whole-language methods and derivatives.

Giving our audience a solid background in SBRR and instruction important. It also provides them with a clear understanding of the foundation of reading. Teachers will receive a strong knowledge of SBRR and the five components of reading through professional learning sessions provided by SLC. 

In all SLC instructional modules (that can later be accessed and update online) we use videos, scripts, co-teaching and modeling in an effort to not only discuss the research on how to teach reading, but use the research and model it in the classroom.

Follow-up professional development can focus on any of the following topics:

·      The 5 components of reading

·      research on how to teach reading

·      assessment usage including screening, interim, and diagnostic

·      explicit and systematic instruction

·      guided release of instruction

·      strategies for teaching struggling and advanced readers

·      effective writing instruction

·      classroom management techniques

·      reading instruction in the content areas

Krista Morrison