Development of Literacy Leadership Teams (LLT)

SLC supports systems to develop LLTs, which play an important role in a systems-based approach for crafting a clear vision for literacy instruction in a school or across a district. LLT members work collaboratively to study the literacy research to develop the knowledge and skills to advance students’ literacy achievement. SLC helps provide learning experiences and support for LLTs so these teams can do the following work: 1) review data on student academic performance, 2) identify school and district priorities, 3) set clear performance goals, 4) work collaboratively to study best practices and implement them in their own classrooms, 5) make decisions and develop structures to guide classroom instruction and instructional systems, 6) maximize resources to support school goals, 7) design implementation strategies, 8) assess school and district progress toward goals, and 9) implement context-specific professional development based on school and district needs.

Krista Morrison