Literacy Coach Training

SLC facilitators have a long history as coaches and training literacy/instructional coaches. Our coach training includes a set of face-to-face learning sessions, the number of days is determined based on the needs of the school or district. Our training also includes side-by-side coaching, which could also include a distance coaching option. During SLC learning sessions, coaches will…

1.     develop skills to support dialogue that empower teachers to move from novice to expert practitioners;

2.     develop content knowledge around instructional foci;

3.     learn to use video as an effective coaching and reflective tool;  

4.     learn to take descriptive observation notes, identify key moments for reflection, and provide reflective questions that support teacher reflection and instructional improvement;

5.     develop skills for supporting lesson development (and use of SLC instructional tools/frameworks);

6.     learn how to use coaching tools to support full coaching cycles;

7.     develop coaching moves to enhance coach and teacher dialogue; and

8.     learn to practice personal reflection to refine their coaching practices.

Krista Morrison