Sterling Literacy Consulting - an Approved Implementation Consultant for Colorado Department of Education’s Early Literacy Grants

DENVER, Colorado, January 15, 2019.  Sterling Literacy Consulting (SLC) will continue to be an approved provider for schools and districts seeking early literacy grants through the Colorado Department of Education (CDE). For more information about the grant, please refer to the CDE website.

SLC works to customize professional learning and system-wide support for early literacy grantees by providing the following services:

  • Support for school leadership teams,

  • Professional learning sessions and one-on-one coaching that increasing administrator and teacher knowledge and skills around scientifically based reading instruction,

  • Developing systems of support for all students,

  • Providing interactive and research-based professional development,

  • Progress monitoring of the implementation of new learning,

  • Providing tools to support clear and consistent implementation of new learning, and

  • Developing internal coherence and capacity so that the work and instructional improvements continue far beyond partnerships with a schools or districts.

CDE’s Early Literacy Grant Program aligns to and supports the efforts to improve reading achievement outlined in the Colorado READ Act passed in 2012. For more information on the Colorado READ ACT go to the following page on the CDE website: 

SLC’s Co-Founder and Chief Academic Officer, Dr. Charles Dana Hall and his team of implementation experts provide the experience and expertise to provide meaningful and impactful professional development grounded in scientifically based reading instruction and to increase student achievement. SLC consultants have all worked in an array of roles that range from being successful classroom teachers to district and state leadership positions.

SLC has a reputation for improving instruction and supporting student achievement. Cathy Swanson, Weld Re-8 District Student Achievement Coach has shared the following based on SLC’s work with Weld Re-8 teacher during the 2017-2018 school year:

I’m excited for the ways in which our staff is growing and embracing refining their literacy professional practices as a result of their work with Sterling Literacy Consulting.   What I find striking is the way in which Dr. Hall has been able to provide a unifying message, pathway and support for our teachers K-12.   We are just beginning our journey in our implementation of refined literacy instruction with the guidance and support of Sterling Literacy Consulting.  Already we have been impacted in so many ways!  I’m excited about the ways in which our staff and our growing readers will continue to grow and soar with the continued support of Sterling Literacy Consulting.   Impacting our students is an on-going goal and we are confident our continued work with Dr. Hall will result in what I call “forever ripples,” changes that last a lifetime in the lives of our growing readers. (2018)

For more information on SLC’s work improving student achievement in Weld Re-8, please read about our work in Weld-RE8 School District.

 For more than 10 years, SLC has provided expert support to educational institutions of all types toward the shared goal of accelerating student achievement. Headquartered in Denver, CO, Sterling Literacy Consulting offers customized consulting services based on the needs of states, districts, schools and students. SLC excels in identifying and responding to specific needs and working collaboratively to create a comprehensive set of strategies designed to help facilitate buy-in at all levels.

Krista Morrison