PRESS RELEASE: K-3 Literacy Levels Rising in Weld Re-8 District After Partnering with Sterling Literacy Consulting

DENVER, Feb. 6, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- In a district-wide effort to boost teachers' reading instructional skills, Weld Re-8 reached out to Sterling Literacy Consulting (SLC) for support. After 6 months of collaborative work, SLC and representatives from across the Weld Re-8 schools developed the district's new strategic literacy plan.

Just one semester into implementing the contextualized literacy plan, stakeholders at all levels have been impressed with their progress. In Fall 2017, 20.6% of Weld Re-8's K-3 students were in the 'on grade level' range on iReady, one of the state's approved screening and diagnostic assessments (95% of students assessed). According to the most recent Mid-Year data, 44.9% of Weld Re-8's K-3 students are now in the 'on grade level' range on iReady. This equates to an additional 160 students that moved (from Below Level or Emerging) to within the 'on grade level' range (On level or Above) from Fall to Mid-Year.  While more work remains, these initial results are incredibly encouraging, and demonstrate the early effectiveness of the partnership between Weld Re-8 and SLC.

Educators from all levels have embraced working with SLC. Weld Re-8 District Student Achievement Coach Ms. Cathy Swanson states, "I'm excited for the ways in which our staff is growing and embracing refining their literacy professional practices as a result of their work with Sterling Literacy Consulting. What I find striking is the way in which Dr. Hall and SLC has been able to provide a unifying message, pathway and support for our teachers K-12."

Principal Ms. Nativity Miller is passionate about the work being done at her school saying, "I am extremely grateful for the work with Sterling Literacy Consulting. Our teachers have not had the opportunity to engage in such deep, research-based professional learning in the area of foundational reading skills in past years, and I believe strongly that our learning is improving practice and benefiting students. The consistent coaching and feedback from SLC provides us with action steps each month and the opportunity to discuss and reflect on our instructional practices more frequently." 

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Krista Morrison